Alan Markowitz

Works by Alan Markowitz


Album: Songs of Siddhartha
Album: The Road to Kyoto

Album:  Piano Works 2004 - 2008

Magician of Geon

Rio Esperante
October Suite

Suite for Valerie
Waltz Satie
Birds in Flight
Seascape from the Painting by Caillebotte



Alan Markowitz has been composing music since he was 12 years old. Alan believes in composing music that is simple, direct, elegant and accessible to both the listener and the performer.   His greatest compliment is to hear that his music has opened the heart.  Although he holds a degree in music, Alan does not consider himself an academically trained composer but someone who composes as a deep inner personal experience.

In recent years Alan has created a opus of recorded improvisations; Piano Works 2004-2008 and The Road to Kyoto.  Two selections from those works have recently been transcribed from the recorded improvisation to print music.  In addition to piano compositions, Alan has composed for piano and voice, piano and clarinet, clarinet, a symphony and a one-act opera.  

Symphony One


Rhapsody on Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair


The Visitor - One Act Opera

Songs of the Seasons
Because I Love



Score to One Man's Life


Performing Groups

Central Oregon Symphony - Bassoon

Central Oregon Wind Ensemble

Aline Musiker Polka Band - Clarinet & Tenor Sax
Beethoven Brothers Duo - Piano

Solo Concerts


Conta Costa Performing Arts SocietyPiano Performers Group - Walnut Creek, CA



Concert - Original Piano Works 1986 - 2012
at Steinway Piano Gallery - Walnut Creek, CA